Insurance hassle for quad bike owners

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Rick on April 17, 2012

While quad bikes are very popular in sport, recreation and as utility vehicles, often used around the farm, they are often difficult to insure with regular insurers. Insurance can therefore become a hassle for quad bike riders, including insurance for farm quads.

To find suitable insurance you may wish to check out a specialist provider. Looking for cover for your quad with your car insurance provider may not be worth the hassle. One of the reasons (more…)

Avoid quad bike theft with police safety suggestions

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Diane on November 12, 2010

Police are appealing for information following quad bike thefts in early November from two farms in the Lockerbie area of Scotland.

Two Honda quads were taken in separate incidents, one from Smallholm Farm in Hightae, and another from Broomhills Farm. Police are eager to receive information from (more…)

What to expect from a Quad Bike training session

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Rick on October 13, 2010

With its outlandish size, ‘moon buggy’ looks and the ability to conquer handle difficult terrain, the quad bike has all the qualities of a dream boys’ toy. What’s more, for off-road use, you need the landowner’s permission, and precious little else in terms of qualifications or certification to set off on your first quad bike adventure.  This all sounds most enticing, but quad bikes have a serious side too. For instance, they are used widely on (more…)

Quad Bike stolen from Castle Howard

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Diane on September 28, 2010

Castle Howard, the stately home in North Yorkshire, and famous for its role in the TV series Brideshead Revisited, recently experienced a theft on the estate, where valuables worth around £16,000 were stolen. These included a quad bike. This incident, experienced by one high-profile residence, is by no means an isolated occurrence: quad bike theft is on the rise, especially in rural communities. For instance, in March of this year quad bikes were targeted by thieves across (more…)

ATV crime prevention is in your hands

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Mat on May 31, 2010

Owners of all-terrain vehicles up and down the country are constantly targeted by thieves. The popularity of quad bikes for rural work and pursuits, combined with their portability, make them easy targets. So just how can you stop your pride and joy being taken? With some planning, you can make it difficult for the thieves, and probably save some money on your insurance bill too.

One fundamental precaution is to make sure you secure your ATV to the ground. In just a few seconds, two people can have your quad bike in the back of a van, no matter how many handlebar clamps, chains and alarms are fitted. If it isn’t bolted down, it can be carried away easily and the thieves can deal with chains and clamps at their leisure. Invest in a good quality (more…)