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Diane is relatively new to ATVs, but is an old hand (if she’ll pardon the phrase) at the farm world. Diane grew up on a farm in Lancashire, and learned the convenience of using quad bikes for agricultural use and bought two used quad bikes for this purpose. Diane is a very practical lady, which is why quad bikes appeal to her so much.

Rick has been interested in motorbikes and racing since a very young age, and follows many different types of motorsport. He’s particularly interested in quad bikes, both from a spectator perspective and from a participant perspective. Rick is also into Superbikes, but only as a spectator! In his spare time, Rick likes to work on restoring secondhand quad bikes.

Chris considers himself something of an adrenaline junkie, as well as a sports journalist. Chris loves racing of all kinds, especially quad bike racing, and loves the Honda quad bikes. He follows developments in all sports and likes to report on the stats and figures as much as the thrills and spills.

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