Insurance hassle for quad bike owners

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Rick on April 17, 2012

While quad bikes are very popular in sport, recreation and as utility vehicles, often used around the farm, they are often difficult to insure with regular insurers. Insurance can therefore become a hassle for quad bike riders, including insurance for farm quads.

To find suitable insurance you may wish to check out a specialist provider. Looking for cover for your quad with your car insurance provider may not be worth the hassle. One of the reasons why general high street insurance providers do no offer insurance is down to the fact that there are so many different types of quad bike for different things. You may be able to get a typical third party fire and theft policy for your ATV or farm quad, but what if you want more comprehensive insurance, such as protection for a breakdown of your quad, cover for accessories or you wish to have legal expenses covered? A specialist quad bike insurance company may be the only place to get all the insurance coverage you need.

Even when taking out insurance for your quad with a specialist it pays to check out the terms and conditions. Almost all insurance providers will require you to keep your quad bike under lock and key and they may also require the use of a chain and lock. Some may even ask that you have a tracking device installed on your quad bike. As your quad is a large investment and, when purchasing a farm quad it is generally a much needed piece of equipment, it pays to have adequate insurance.

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