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Almost everyone will at some time or another have watched some form of motor racing and wanted to experience the thrill of taking part themselves. Watching ATVs, or quad bikes, race is no exception which is why it is one of those growing areas of motor sports.

But like all forms of vehicle racing the initial costs of ATV racing can be off-putting, especially if you are not really sure if it is for you. A new machine alone could cost several thousand pounds, and that is before you have paid out for the necessary ancillaries such as a helmet and protective clothing. So how can someone who would like to try things out get started and how can they get into the swing of things without having to rely on a win on the lottery?

To start with, a quick search on the net will identify local places that offer the ATV experience relatively cheaply. They will supply all the necessary equipment and advice to get you started and let you find out what ATVs are about. Be careful though as you can get addicted.

If you decide that riding ATVs is for you then you can start with a second hand machine. Remember though that these little machines can have a rough life, so it is probably best to get your first machine through a reputable dealer. They will then be able to give you the necessary technical support and advice you will need when dealing with your ATV.

If you have any thoughts of competing in events then you will want to join the Quad Racing Association UK, who organise racing events throughout the country. They can also provide information on where you can take your ATV in the UK just for recreational riding.

As with all sports you could spend a lot, but getting started can be easy and relatively inexpensive. So if you fancy it, give it a go.

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