ATV crime prevention is in your hands

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Mat on May 31, 2010

Owners of all-terrain vehicles up and down the country are constantly targeted by thieves. The popularity of quad bikes for rural work and pursuits, combined with their portability, make them easy targets. So just how can you stop your pride and joy being taken? With some planning, you can make it difficult for the thieves, and probably save some money on your insurance bill too.

One fundamental precaution is to make sure you secure your ATV to the ground. In just a few seconds, two people can have your quad bike in the back of a van, no matter how many handlebar clamps, chains and alarms are fitted. If it isn’t bolted down, it can be carried away easily and the thieves can deal with chains and clamps at their leisure. Invest in a good quality ground anchor and make sure your bike is secured to it when not in use. If the ground anchor is fitted inside a secure garage, fitted with an alarm, then you’ve just put another serious barrier in the path of thieves.

It could be argued that you’ll never stop a truly determined thief from taking away your quad bike. They’ve been known to use bolt croppers, angle grinders and all sorts to get past security devices. Quad bikes are valuable items and it’s worth making sure you do everything you can to deter them in the first place. If the worst happens, you can at least make it easy for the police to recover your property by fitting a tracking system. ATV owners can take real steps toward cutting out Quad bike crime.

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