All-terrain vehicles – working for Lancashire’s farming community

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Agriculture plays a central role in the life of Lancashire: the county’s largest land use is agricultural, whilst the county’s farms make a major contribution to the nation’s food supply. This thriving agricultural community relies on all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, to perform various tasks, from helping manage and transport livestock, to conveying farmers from A to B across inhospitable, challenging terrain.

It is not widely known that this robust, terrain-conquering ATV, also called the “quad bike”, has such a serious, off-road role to play, on farms and estates in Lancashire and beyond.

As ATVs have played a more prominent role in farming life, so the demand has increased for both new and secondhand vehicles, as well as for accessories, safety equipment, and repair.

Here at KIK ATVs, in Lancashire, we pride ourselves on being able to meet this growing demand, and we provide an invaluable service to farmers and landowners both in Lancashire and throughout the United Kingdom.

We specialise in Honda all-terrain vehicles. Honda has been producing ATVs since the 1970s, with its three-wheeled ATV model famously featuring in the James Bond movie, “Diamonds are Forever”. We often sell secondhand Hondas which are custom built for agricultural use: Such as the stocky, robust, durable Honda TRX250TM. We also ensure all the used vehicles we sell have been thoroughly checked and serviced; not only because we want you to receive a vehicle in the best possible condition, but also because your safety is a top priority for us.

Indeed, for anyone involved with all-terrain vehicles, safety should always be a number one concern. Always take care to wear a helmet, protective gloves, and any other necessary padding when driving an all-terrain vehicle. Meanwhile, there are reasonably priced safety courses available from a variety of sources, and you would be advised to book yourself on one of these, whatever your involvement with all-terrain vehicles.

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