Avoid quad bike theft with police safety suggestions

Filed under: Quad Bikes Advice — Diane on November 12, 2010

Police are appealing for information following quad bike thefts in early November from two farms in the Lockerbie area of Scotland.

Two Honda quads were taken in separate incidents, one from Smallholm Farm in Hightae, and another from Broomhills Farm. Police are eager to receive information from anyone who may have been in the area and seen anything suspicious.

Unfortunately quad bike theft is becoming increasing common, especially in rural areas. Indeed, in March this year, police in the Cotswolds and Stroud issued advice on keeping quad bikes secure, following a spate of thefts in their area.

On the most straightforward level, police advise that overnight you should keep your quad bikes indoors, in a garage or storage area that is securely locked. Additionally, police give the simple, but sometimes forgotten tip, to remove the ignition key when not using the bike.

Police also advise fitting your quad bike with a hidden transponder, making it potentially trackable should the worse happen.

Additionally, take photographs of your quad bike from more than angle, especially capturing any unique, or “standout” marks or insignia. It can also be a good idea to have a video of your quad bike in action, which will further assist identifying your vehicle.

A drive-on clamp ramp, combined with resilient, padlocks, is also advisable.

Quad bike retailers, especially in busy farming areas such as Lancashire, are always happy to advise you on bolstering quad bike security, and will be delighted to supply you with relevant accessories, as required.

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