What to expect from a Quad Bike training session

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With its outlandish size, ‘moon buggy’ looks and the ability to conquer handle difficult terrain, the quad bike has all the qualities of a dream boys’ toy. What’s more, for off-road use, you need the landowner’s permission, and precious little else in terms of qualifications or certification to set off on your first quad bike adventure.  This all sounds most enticing, but quad bikes have a serious side too. For instance, they are used widely on farms and estates for such tasks as managing cattle and covering difficult terrain.

For both types of use, leisure and professional, some safety training, is simply a must.

During a safety session you are likely to cover at the least the following points:

-Children can ride quad bikes off-road but must be supervised by a responsible adult, or adults, at all times

-Quad bikes handle and turn very differently from cars and motorbikes, so turning and cornering techniques should be acquired before setting off

-Riding over different types of terrain such as deep water

-Recovery from a failed hill climb

-Appropriate safety gear to be worn, particularly a helmet, protective gloves and recommended padding.

A more comprehensive session, perhaps for agricultural employees, may additionally cover such points as:

-Relevant health and safety legislation

-Basic maintenance, including tyre pressures

-Practical towing exercises

Dealers of quad bikes in Lancashire and the surrounding areas will be happy to advise you on any accessories you’ll need, and any relevant regulations, to ensure that using your quad bike is both a safe and rewarding experience.

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