The city of Leeds made safer thanks to use of ATV snow clearing equipment

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Mark on January 5, 2013

ATV snow clearing equipment is being used in parts of the city centre in Leeds to reduce the amount of injuries caused by the icy weather. The NHS has bought an ATV salt spreader, which will be used by the council as a part of its winter plan.

The ATV snow clearing equipment will be used along two routes, which means the council will be able to keep 13 miles, including the bus and railway stations, along with the infirmary, free of ice. The ATV equipment is just one of several ideas which make up the winter plan of the council.

The council in Leeds has also introduced a snow warden scheme, which is intended to encourage people in Leeds to help the clearing efforts if heavy snow falls.

The quad bikes, however, will only cover a small region of the city centre and are not likely to solve all of the issues that heavy snow fall causes for elderly residents. Heavy snowfall can also affect rail and bus networks.

The council said that last year that it had worked in conjunction with the NHS to reduce accidents caused by ice. Leeds has around 3,500 foot ways and gritting them all is beyond the available budget. However, the council has said that it wanted to make sure that it did everything possible to make it safer for people travelling to train stations, bus stations and hospitals.

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