ATV snow clearing equipment

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For those living in areas that are frequently subject to heavy snowfall during winter months, ATV snow clearing equipment can be a useful option, when it comes to clearing away thick, impacted snow and ice from roads and driveways. This is particularly true if you live in a remote, rural location where such services are less likely to be performed regularly by local authorities. However there a number of different types of ATV snow clearing equipment available, with only good models sold here at KIK quads, as well as a variety of other ploughs and snow blowers.

One of the first things to be considered when it comes to ATV snow clearing equipment is that of the difference between the two main kinds – snow ploughs and snow blowers. Clearly the names give a pretty clear indication, as snow ploughs push and dump snow away from the path of your vehicle. Snow blowers however are a far less commonly seen piece of ATV snow clearing equipment. The snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard in 1925 and still operates on the same basic principles now. There are two types: single stage and two stage – the single stage snow blower utilises an impeller to force snow out through a shoot, while a two stage blower has metal augers to break up the snow before it goes through the chute.

When it comes to deciding which type of ATV snow clearing equipment it is best to use, the main factor that needs to be considered is: the amount and depth of snow that needs to be cleared. For lighter amounts of snow, a plough represents the best type to employ. For deeper, more impacted snow, a blower will likely be the more effective piece of ATV snow clearing equipment to use. Both ploughs and blowers are available in a variety of sizes to suit the size of ATV.

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