First snow warnings for UK but ATV snow clearing equipment is ready

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on November 22, 2012

The Met Office has issued a snow warning for some parts of the UK and Scotland has already seen its first snow of the season. Regions which may be affected include Yorkshire, North East England and East of England. However, the chairman of the Local Government Association for economy and transport has said that ATV snow clearing equipment is ready and waiting to tackle whatever comes their way.

Peter Box said that there was hundreds of gritting vehicles standing by and they had more than twice the amount of salt at their disposal than they had last year. Along with this, the new gritters were able to use the salt far more effectively. They also have some of the latest technology in their arsenal, including snow ploughs, an ATV salt spreader and quad bikes to tackle the hilly and narrow regions.

Aberdeen has been the first to see significant amounts of early snow with up to two centimetres settling in parts of Northern Scotland. A Sky News weather presenter said that ice would be a problem as a result of falling temperatures. High pressure from Iceland will help showers to drift onto the costal parts of eastern England and this could appear as a mixture of sleet, snow and hail.

While there is nothing that anyone can do to change the weather, we can, at least, keep on top of it thanks to modern technology in the form of ATV snow clearing equipment. Quad bikes are essential for some of the remote regions in Scotland where larger vehicles struggle to operate.

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