Essex council making good use of ATV snow clearing equipment

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on December 13, 2012

A local Essex council has hired quad grit spreaders to make sure that even the narrowest and hard to traverse roads are kept open when the big freeze hits this year.

The piece of ATV snow clearing equipment comes with a plough attached to the front of the quad bike and is equipped to carry as much as one quarter of a tonne of grit in the container attached to the back of the quad bike.

In total, the ATV snow ploughs have cost the council around £55,000 and they will be sent out around the Southend streets when the snow hits the south this winter. The money will be well spend on the ATV snow clearing equipment if the south gets hit with snow and ice as it did last year.

The quad bikes can plough the snow to clear it from the streets while at the same time spreading grit onto the roads and streets. This should help council workers do their job in clearing the roads far more effectively.

In total, there will be five trained drivers taking a quad grit spreader out onto the streets, all of whom are part of the council’s environmental team. The quad bikes are far more versatile than other vehicles and as such they are able to work on the narrowest of streets in Essex. The workers have been fully trained to take the 500cc petrol quad bikes out onto the roads.

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