Quad grit spreader

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A quad grit spreader is often a modified version of a quad bike, created with the intention of combating pedestrian and road transport areas that have been badly affected by snow and ice. In order to create a quad grit spreader, a normal quad bike of the kind sold by a company such as ours here at KIK Quads, and generally made to be used for landscaping maintenance, has a grit dispenser attached to it.

These dispensers are specially designed to produce an even spread of grit over the surface area, providing improved traction on icy, slippery surfaces. Quad bikes customised into a quad grit spreader have even been used by organisations such as Transport for London, and various local councils in cities across the UK, such as Manchester and Edinburgh, to deal with extreme wintry weather conditions.

The most common type of quad grit spreader is the towable one, as this can be attached to a number of different vehicles, including a quad bike, an ATV and a forklift. Furthermore different models offer different features – for example some models have had the wheel base widened in order to improve the stability of the vehicle on treacherous surfaces. It also has different knobbly tyre tread designed to improve traction.

Equally a variety of different grit solutions can be used in a quad grit spreader, but dry salts – such as white, pink or brown rock salts – are generally considered to be more effective than grit, or wet salts, as these do not spread as efficiently. The dry salt solution works by slowing the rate at which the slush turns to ice when the snow begins to melt. The towable quad grit spreader is just one of a number of modifications that can be made to quad bikes to enable them to be utilised for different purposes.

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