ATV snow clearing equipment used by Surrey Council

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on February 21, 2013

The UK saw its fair share of snow towards the end of January and into February and Surrey has not managed to escape the icy weather.

Snow has been falling and gritters have been out of the roads spreading salt. ATV snow clearing equipment has been used to reach parts where other vehicles cannot get to. As well as this, farmers have been lending a helping hand with ploughs attached to their tractors.

Along with using ATV salt spreaders to make things easier for residents, Surrey Council has kept people updated through services on its website.

The council managed to stockpile around 16,000 tonnes of salt during the months leading up to winter. This was around double the amount that is typically needed for an average winter in the region and around 60% more than what was used last winter. Teams have been constantly refilling grit bins in the region, which total 1,741, since the snow in January.

More and more local councils are choosing to use an ATV salt spreader and other ATV snow clearing equipment to tackle heavy snow and ice in the winter. Vehicles such as these are able to reach areas that other vehicles cannot get to when heavy snow has fallen in the region.

Along with the modern snow clearing equipment, councils are moving with the times with technology. The Surrey Council has a dedicated Twitter feed, which it uses to keep people updated during bad weather.

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