Trafford highway chiefs get ready to beat snow and ice with ATV snow clearing equipment

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on December 4, 2012

Highway chiefs in Trafford are preparing to take on this winter’s weather and say that they are ready for snow and ice.

The agency also has staff who are able to provide round-the-clock services on stand-by to ensure that the roads in the borough remain safe and open during icy weather and snow. The stand-by teams have been working since October and will continue in operation until all signs of bad weather have passed; expected to be around April.

Trafford, along with the Greater Manchester area, has 4,500 tonnes of salt, which is considered full capacity. Along with hand gritting teams, bosses have ATV salt spreaders and other ATV snow clearing equipment at their disposal. These will help the council to respond quickly to any extreme cases of ice or snow and make it safe for pedestrians in the region. The council also has snow ploughs to hand, in the case of having to deal with any prolonged snowfall.

Local Councillor Alan Mitchell said that in the past, the council had to deal with some very extreme weather conditions and they have learnt from this and this year are more prepared than ever for whatever winter throws their way. He said that residents in the region will be happy to know that some members of the team had already been out gritting and the council would be ready to deal with cold snaps as they appear.

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