Strathearn council will use ATV snow clearing equipment this winter

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Mat on December 17, 2012

ATV snow clearing equipment will be used on the pavements in Strathearn this winter in a bid to keep the region free of ice and snow. Earlier in the year, the council had announced they would add two quad snow ploughs along with other gritting equipment to their fleet, which will be used to tackle the conditions of winter.

The council obtained the ATV snow clearing equipment in November and the vehicles will be used on the pavements of Perth and Kinross. The bikes will be used when there is snow and ice on the footways.

Thanks to their versatility, the quad snow ploughs will be able to reach areas easily despite heavy snowfall being on the ground.

Councillor Joe Giacopazzi said that it was the first ever winter that the region has been able to make use of quad bikes and the council are full of confidence that these will make a large difference to the local communities if the weather should prove to be severe this year.

He went on to say that the council were always looking into ways of being able to make improvements to their winter maintenance programme. The ATV snow clearing equipment is just one of the many ways the council is preparing for a bad winter.

Along with obtaining the equipment, the community will be getting involved to build a network of individuals who will help during times of the most severe weather.

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