Harsh weather in UK is no contender for ATV snow clearing equipment

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on January 20, 2013

The winter weather has hit the UK with a vengeance with many parts of the country seeing snow fall.

The south and east coasts in particular have seen snow and ice, with more said to be coming. However, local councils say that they are ready for the cold weather thanks to the help of ATV snow clearing equipment among other resources.

Across the whole of the Midlands, Southern England and Wales, the Met Office has been giving out severe weather warnings. The Department of Health said that the weather could be so bad that it might pose health risks to the young and elderly.

It is thought that up 2cm of snow might fall, with some level snow expected over most of the country at some point this week. On the east coast, there will be a covering of snow, while Yorkshire may have around 5 to 7cm. Along with snow, the temperatures will drop to around -9°C, making conditions treacherous.

The Highways Agency has said that it is very well prepared for the snow and ice and it has a salt reserve to fall back onto. Councils have said that they have salt in depots, along with new snow ploughs, ATV salt spreaders and ATV snow clearing equipment.

Some councils have shown their intention to work alongside farmers with quad bikes, many of whom had said that they would help to move snow and grit the roads.

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