ATV snow clearing equipment out in force in Lincolnshire

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The council of North Lincolnshire has said that it has many tools to help beat the winter weather conditions. The council has spent more than £750,000 of its winter budget on tools and equipment to aid the efforts; this has included more than 6,000 tonnes of salt. The council of North Lincolnshire is thought to be focusing its efforts on A roads and the smaller B routes.

North Lincolnshire council is well prepared to tackle whatever the winter throws at the area during the winter. Staff at the council are ready to go out to ensure that the roads and pavements are safe with the help of ATV snow clearing equipment and back packs filled with ice melting substances.

Two gritting lorries have been bought to replace older vehicles and the council says that ATV snow clearing equipment will be used, along with snow blowers. The cabinet member for the neighbourhoods and highways said that even more salt bins were planned and it would be ensured that these were filled and then distributed to the worst-hit areas.

He went on to say that a quad bike had been out on the streets already and that this vehicle could reach the majority of places to distribute salt. Many councils are turning to using quad bikes along with back packs filled with de-icer. This relatively new method is thought to be highly effective. Snow wardens will also be out helping to co-ordinate efforts in various areas.

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