Will UTVs take over from ATVs on Australian farms?

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on July 10, 2012

The need for side by side utility vehicles is increasing around the farm in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia. The vehicles are known as UTVs and they are proving to be very popular as all-purpose farm vehicles.

Gary Ridden, the Polaris retail development manager, said that on average farmers were working until they are older, which means that getting onto a farm ATV is not always one of the easiest tasks. One of the big differences between UTVs and ATVs is that the ATV is a rider active vehicle, while operating a UTV is typically like driving an automatic car. They come with steering wheels, roll frames and even seat belts.

He went on to say that people who previously rode a farm quad were now trying UTVs and saying they wished they had done it much earlier, as they can be easier to drive. Along with gaining popularity on farms, diesel UTVs are used in mining. One of the most popular of brands in Australia is Polaris, offering a broad range from the two seated 400cc to the large six seated versions. Along with this, the same as the majority of ATVs on the market, UTVs can be customized to meet the needs of the owner.

Whether or not UTVs will take over from farm quads in the UK remains to be seen, as quad bikes have been the preferred way of getting around the farm for a long time. Quad bikes can generally reach places other vehicles cannot and, in many cases, are an essential part of any farm.

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