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The quad bike industry is growing year on year here in the UK, and this is partly down to the sheer versatility of these remarkable vehicles. They can be pressed in to service as reliable workhorses on farms, helping with tasks such as herding and transporting cattle. Quad bikes are particularly useful on farmland where they are sometimes the only vehicles that can negotiate sometimes tricky terrain. Quad bikes are also at the centre of a thriving club-based racing scene, which runs from March through to November every year. Additionally, quad bikes have a prominent role in the leisure and holiday industries, on “team-building” fun days, and thrilling quad bike trekking holidays.

With all these activities, across different areas of life, it’s no surprise that demand is high for these tough, highly adaptable terrain busters.

However, given the current economic climate, in which we are all having to tighten our belts, customers are demanding cheap quad bikes, which nonetheless are still in good working order and reliable. In this situation, buying a decent used quad bike can be a great solution.

One way of ensuring a good balance between affordability and quality is to buy your used quad bikes from an established retailer, rather than handle all the uncertainties of dealing with a seller direct. Here at KIK Quads we sell reliable used quad bikes to Lancashire and beyond at affordable prices.

You may be looking for a cheap quad bike, but it doesn’t mean having to compromise on build quality. For instance, we stock a reliable, robust range of used quad bikes, suitable for sport and work purposes. Moreover, used quad racers for children are also available.

Finally, we are proud to sell cheap quad bikes to Lancashire, and beyond, happy in the knowledge that we test and, if required, service all our used quad bikes prior to sale.

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