Cheap quad bikes: versatile, increasingly popular all-terrain vehicles

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Quad bikes have their origins in the innovative three-wheeled ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) manufactured by Honda in the 1970s. Fans of the James Bond movies may well require the distinctive appearance of these three-wheelers in “Diamonds are Forever”. They also featured regularly in TV shows such as “Magnum P.I.”

These ATVs have come a long way since then, with four-wheeled ATVs first appearing on the market in the 1980s. Both Suzuki and Honda played prominent roles in developing and distributing these early quad bikes, and even at this early stage there were both sports and utility models available.

In the past two decades the quad bike has entered the mainstream, becoming increasingly popular in the worlds of leisure, sport (quad bike racing), farming, and estate management. What’s more, quad bikes, because of their ability to handle all kinds of off-road terrains, have important roles in other walks of life. Quads are often used by lifeguards to traverse beaches, porters in airport terminals, and by rescue services around the world – for instance they’ve been used to rescue trapped fishermen in mangrove swamps.

As demand internationally has risen for these multi-purpose ATVs, so pricing has become more competitive. Not all customers can rise to the top-of-the-range all-singing, all-dancing models, and the manufacturers and retailers are well aware of this. Consequently there’s been a growing market in secondhand quad bikes as well as cheap, though reliable and sturdy, quad bikes.

Take the example of a parent trying to meet the demands of an enthusiastic boy (or girl) racer child who has caught the quad bike racing bug. This parent would most likely be on the lookout for a, first and foremost, safe, reliable, effective, cheap quad bike – especially if they needed to buy more than one.

Likewise, farmers often are looking out for reliable secondhand, cheap quad bikes. For farmers, the quad bike is fast becoming an essential utility vehicle, assisting with tasks such as sheep herding, transportation of equipment and livestock, even pest control via attached accessories.

When looking for cheap quad bikes there’s no need to compromise on safety, reliability, or durability. Make sure you buy from reputable retailers who have been in business for a while, and who can provide you with evidence that you are buying a solid piece of equipment.

Here at KIK ATVs in Lancashire, for example, we put safety and reliability first, providing our loyal customer base with a terrific range of quad bikes at competitive prices. If you are after cheap quad bikes we can offer you the best deals without compromising on quality. Being based in Lancashire, whilst we do serve the whole of the UK, we are particularly well-placed to provide quad bikes to the large and varied farming and estate management community in the county. We also provide on-site maintenance and repair, with particular expertise in the ever-popular Honda range of ATVs.

However, we don’t neglect the racing and leisure communities, stocking an excellent range of vehicles and essential accessories.

All in all, the quad bike community is now well served by an enthusiastic, well-stocked and helpful retail sector.

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