Use of tracking device helps locate stolen ATV

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on September 13, 2012

A recent quad bike theft story had a refreshingly happy ending, as police were able to recover the stolen bike within 24 hours of it being taken.

Police officers were able to track down the quad bike thanks to a tracking device being installed by the retailer allowing the location of the stolen farm quad to be pinpointed. The theft occurred on a farm in Somerset and taken alongside it was a trailer and pressure washer.

The Devon and Cornwall police said that the without the tracking device being installed on the ATV, the recovery of the vehicle would probably not have been possible. The owner of the bike used their mobile phone and PC to keep a track of where the ATV was. They then gave this information to the police who worked alongside the Avon and Somerset police to locate the vehicle and make an arrest.

A man and woman, along with a youth, were taken into custody and interviewed regarding the theft before then being given bail and released. Bail lasts until November 5, so police can continue on with their inquiries.

Considering the speed and relative ease with which the quad was located, it would seem advisable for potential quad bike owners to consider buying a vehicle that offers this locational quad service. It is also wise to always keep quads locked away, store the key in a separate place and make notes of all the quad details, including serial number.

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