Stolen quad bikes are tracked down by sniffer dogs

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Rick on February 29, 2012

Quad bikes are a prime target for thieves who sell the stolen used quads online. One of the prime targets is farms thanks to them often being in remote locations. One of the latest thefts of quad bikes saw police in the Gloucesterhsire region turn to using police dogs to track down the thieves through several miles of fields.

The Suzuki quad bike was stolen during the early hours of the morning. Police officers were quick to the scene with search dogs, carrying out a thorough search of the area. The dogs took police handlers to a remote field in Tortworh where the quad bike was recovered along with a stolen motorbike.

While the quad bike which is said to be worth thousands of pounds was recovered, the offenders had absconded and could be not be found. The police are now asking anyone in the region to report anything suspicious and to be wary of being offered a used ATV for a low price. Typically stolen farm quads end up on the internet and are only occasionally offered for sale in the location they are taken from. Police also believe a yellow Ford Escort van with black stripes was in the region at the time of the theft and say it may be connected.

Police in the area have put operation Ape into operation and in the months it has been running they have seen good results. Three stolen quad bikes have been recovered and handed back to their owners. It is always important to secure your quad bike when it is not in use.

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