SnowEx salt spreader

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The SnowEx salt spreader is considered one of the finest brands of salt spreader on the market – but there are a number of different models available, so it’s often worth talking to an expert dealer used to working with these, such as here at KIK Quads, to help you choose the most suitable model for you. There are types of SnowEx salt spreader designed to be attached to various ATV vehicles and towed behind them and pedestrian models intended to be pushed, in a similar fashion to a lawnmower.

One of the most popular models in the SnowEx salt spreader range is the reduced size model, which makes it much easier to operate and manoeuvre when you are trying to work in confined areas, such as narrow pathways, driveways or car parks. This makes it the ideal spreader for domestic use during the winter months.

In addition, some SnowEx salt spreader models have the potential to be towed behind a variety of vehicles, including cars, garden tractors and most types of industrial equipment. Other features offered by this model include the in-cab dual electric motor, which is intended to provide the user with greater control of the width of spread and speed of the spinner, than is available with the wheel driven motor of many other models.

Many of the features offered by popular models of the SnowEx salt spreader are the same, including the vibrator unit fitted as standard on all models. The purpose of this is to prevent salt from becoming clogged in the machine, while the direct auger feed system prevents blockages. The other major type of SnowEx salt spreader is the Pedestrian spreader. This is pushed on wheels, like a lawnmower and can be utilised for salting paths, driveways or public areas, during periods of heavy snow and ice.

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