Seasoned quad bike racer is just seven years old

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on September 28, 2012

He is a seasoned racer of quad bikes and has been for three years, has taken part in more than 70 quad bike race events, and has taken over 60 awards during this time, across 13 different states in the USA. He has official sponsors and travels for days to take part in quad bike events. What is most unusual about this seasoned ATV racer, however, is that he happens to be just 7 years of age.

Shane Coughlin of Jefferson, New Jersey, says that he love racing and classes it as a lot of fun. On first impression, one would never suspect that the blond-haired youngster has a career in quad bike racing. While this career may be short, he has impressed older competitors while gaining a considerable fan base.

His father, Paul, said that they sat him on a toy quad bike at the age of just six years old. The family does not push Shane but note the youngster has natural ability and a love of racing. His career began at the age of four, when he took part in 12 rounds on the quad bike tracks in New England. In that series, Shane finished fourth overall in points. Following this, he has won quad bike races for his age group and has been on the podium as the winner.

The father went on to explain that Shane does not enjoy being in the spotlight as much as he loves racing and has finished second sometime so as to avoid it. Even at such a young age, Shane is adamant that he will have a career in ATV racing as he says that he will be a professional racer when he grows up.

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