Race quad fans prepare for ATV Wild Ride 3D game

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Mark on February 8, 2013

Anyone who has passions for race quad bikes and gaming will be pleased to know that the Nintendo 3DS eShop will soon be offering another game in the form of ATV Wild Ride 3D. The game will allow players to take part in stunts and jumps, all in 3D.

The latest installation of Wild Ride follows the standard race game format and the graphics are sharper than those found on the previous version released on the DS console. The tracks are varied and will keep gamers happy as they take a virtual race quad trip around the world, making their way to the top. Players can also choose between racers and vehicles. The game is already being praised by many in the gaming media; magazines are recommended as a great purchase for race ATV fans.

While gamers can just focus on riding quad bikes and racing, the stunts on offer are a big part of the game’s appeal. Gamers are able to pull all types of tricks on the variety of ramps throughout the courses, gaining points as they go.

There are plenty of options to be enjoyed in the game, including multiplayer modes and different types of single player games.
ATV Wild Race 3D is the latest release from independent game maker Renegade Kid. The company’s previous titles have included Face Racers: Photo Finish, Mutant Mudds and Dementium: The Ward; all of which are available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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