Police advise tagging to keep quad bikes safe

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Mat on February 1, 2012

Owners of quad bikes, whether for recreational use or whether it’s a farm quad, may wish to take advice that rural crime teams are handing out and that is to get your quad bike tagged.

Theft of ATVs has been reported to be on the rise, in particular for custom quads. By fitting your machine with a tagging device or tracking device it can help to combat theft. Quads are very popular with farmers as they provide an easy solution to getting around the farm. However they are in rural areas and it is these areas thieves are targeting. Some of the countries at the top of the list are in the north west and south west.

Wiltshire in particular has been a hot spot recently for theft with six vehicles being stolen in a 7 day period. One of the best forms of protection for quad bikes is having them fitted with a Thatcham approved device. This can often deter thieves and in the event of theft it can help police locate the quad. Typically a tracking device will send out a signal which the police are able to pick up. When you take your vehicle for quad service you may wish to inquire about having such a device fitted.

More and more farmers along with individuals who use their quad for recreational use are having their vehicles tagged. Another advantage besides discouraging theft is that the insurance premiums may be lower if you have approved tracking on your ATV.

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