Logic snow plough

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The Logic snow plough – which comes in different models – is one of a number of winter maintenance machines manufactured by the company and are in high demand during the harsh winter months. Models include attachments that can be fitted to virtually any ATV vehicle, making them incredibly versatile.

The Logic snow plough was designed with the aim of moving snow easily and quickly from areas such as roads, driveways and pavements – although it can also be utilised for clearing snow from softer grass surfaces, such as playing fields. Like other forms of the machine, the Logic snow plough is probably best suited to medium level snowfall, rather than very deep, impacted snow.

Logic snow plough models have a heavy duty, one piece blade, made of steel. The rubber rubbing strip on the bottom of the blade is very similar to that featured on the Logic yard scrapper and is replaceable when worn out. The slimmer width of some Logic snow plough models makes it more effective for clearing snow from tight, enclosed areas with limited access, such as car parks and narrow pathways as it is easier to manoeuvre – something much appreciated on dark winter days.

Larger models of the Logic snow plough are intended to be used with bigger ATV or even UTV vehicles. The Logic snow plough can include a break-back feature, which enables it to deal with hard objects hidden by the snow. Featuring a manual lift and replaceable rubber wearing strip for the steel blade, the manual lift offers more control over lifting the blade, but it is also possible to get a Logic snow plough with an electric lift if preferred. The snow plough, and all other Logic agricultural products are available from official Logic dealers like us here at KIK Quads.

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