Horse rodeo gives way to quad bike rodeo

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Rick on August 16, 2012

Americans who attended the Blaine County Fair ATV & Motorcycle Rodeo in Carey, Idaho last Thursday, August 9, would have had a surprise if they expected to see horses. The horses have gone and quad bikes have taken their place.

The president of the rodeo, Daniel Drage, said that the annual rodeo event began four years ago and has always been very popular with residents, continuing to grow each year. The organisers began the event as the amount of people having farms in the area was expanding. They said that almost all of them relied on farm quads for the famers to tend livestock and get around the farm, so decided to put together an event that used ATV and quad bike entertainment to attract locals

Horses were featured in rodeos of the past and, of course, are also made use of on many farms. However, in modern times, ATVs have for the most part taken over much of the workload and are commonly used around the farm. With farms expanding over many acres it makes sense to use a quad bike instead of a horse when moving around the farm.

Along with the rodeo having appeal for to children and adults in the farming communities, it is just as popular to those outside of it. The events in the rodeo do vary but usually are along the lines of traditional rodeos with such contests as barrel racing. The event also includes a wheelie contest, balloon popping, and drag racing. Needless to say, safety was in mind for all these activities.

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