ATV snow plough

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There are a number of different types and makes of snow ploughs, but while many of these are designed to be used by professionals, the ATV snow plough is intended to be easy for anyone needing to use it.

ATV snow plough blades can be attached to a number of different kinds of ATV vehicles, although whichever vehicle you are using, the most important thing to consider in relation to the choice of plough is horsepower. Given that it will be used for moving thick, deep snow from out of the way of the vehicle, it needs to be powerful.

Furthermore it is important that the blade on any ATV snow plough has a sufficient degree of depth in the curve to be able to effectively scoop up snow from the road, field or whatever other surface it is being used on. Most kinds of ATV snow plough will have a winch attached to them, which enables the driver of the vehicle to raise the blade above the road surface when it is not required, but there are other methods by which the blade on an ATV snow plough can be moved – such as the Universal Manual Lift operator mechanism, and the Plough Actuator. The advantage of the first of these is the degree of control it allows the driver over how high above the road surface he or she lifts the blade.

The blades can also be quickly and easily removed and attached to many other types of ATV vehicles of the kind sold by us here at KIK Quads, such as the Honda Rincon ATV. However it is important to make sure that whichever vehicle you have attached the ATV snow plough blade to has tyres that are suitable for snow and ice, so that you don’t end up getting stuck. Combining ease of use and versatility, an ATV snow plough can make the chore of shovelling snow seem almost enjoyable.

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