Quad snow plough

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There are a number of different models of quad snow plough – and most of the best are available here at KIK Quads. The quad snow plough is primarily used for heavy duty snow removal over large expanses of land – these are not for people looking to clear snow from their driveways! They are classified as agricultural machinery and are mainly used in rural areas and occupations, for clearing snow from fields.

A quad snow plough offers a number of benefits, such as the angled blade mount, which enables you to move the blade from side to side, pushing the snow to whichever side of the vehicle you want to put it. Some Quad Snow Plough models also feature a supermount system, which is designed to allow the user an even finer degree of control over the direction the snow is ploughed, letting them rotate and alter the plough’s angle.

For those on smaller budgets, it is also possible to get quad snow ploughs with basic angled mounts, although these do not provide the same degree of blade flexibility or ground clearance as the supermount system. The supermount is also far more compatible with other attachments you may wish to customise your quad with – such as yard scrapers, silage pushers, power sweepers and front buckets.

The quad snow plough generally features one of two types of lift system: manual or electric. For example, some feature a manual lift system, which enables the user to lift and lock the blade at the required height to avoid contact with the ground while they are moving the vehicle from one area to another; while this and other quad snow plough models also feature spring back cushioning, which prevents the vehicle from overturning when it comes up against obstacles. Furthermore as the accessories required to turn a quad into a quad snow plough are detachable, there is nothing to prevent the user from enjoying the use of their quad for other purposes when it is not required to plough.

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