Quad bike accessories – making your vehicle fit for purpose

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Quad bikes are amazingly flexible vehicles. They are suited to all kinds of terrain, from coastal wetlands in New Zealand, to rugged, muddy, hilly farmland in Lancashire. Quad bikes are also used for racing, and must be able to cope with careering at speed around custom tracks. A big contributing factor to the versatility of quad bikes is the range of available accessories. These various “extras”, some of them pretty ingenious, help to make quad bikes adaptable and such supportive vehicles.

Here at KIK Quads, we supply a wide range of essential quad bike accessories in Lancashire, where we are based, and throughout the UK.

For farming, accessories are available to help quad bikes perform an increasing variety of tasks. These include:

  • Trunk boxes for tools for the front frame of your quad – ideal for transporting bulky tools and keeping them weather-proof.
  • The Rear Quiver Box – attached to the back of the bike, and used for transporting items such as fence posts and longer tools.
  • Heated Handlebar Grips, and handlebar muffs – both help keep your hands warm in the winter months.
  • Replacement seat covers to help keep you comfortable during the ups and downs of a busy working day.

For sporting use, available accessories include:

  • Graphics Kits – these packages give your quad bike an amazing visual makeover, giving your vehicle the stamp of uniqueness on all-important race days. We will also supply custom graphic kits according to your specifications
  • Seat covers
  • Quad Racer Handlebars, brilliant for vibration dampening, and smarter manoeuvrability.
  • Carbon/Kevlar racing helmets – helping to keep you safe, as well as giving you a professional look.

All in all, it’s worth going the extra mile and acquiring the most suitable accessories to help you get the most out of your quad bike, and to keep you warm, safe and comfortable whilst riding it.

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