Manufacturing plant produces two million Honda ATV engines

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on July 19, 2012

A manufacturing plant in South Carolina has been celebrating as they rolled out an engine for the Honda TRX500 quad bike, which signified two million engines and marked a milestone.

The Honda of South Carolina plant in the USA is set over 625 acres with a facility spanning 436,150 square feet and is dedicated solely to producing Honda ATVs. The plant originally opened in 1998 and then an assembly plant added on production of the engines for the quad bikes in 2000. They are among one of twelve US major plants who are able to produce 266,000 quad bikes, along with 310,000 engines for the Honda ATVs each year. Since they were founded in 1998, the plant has made over two million quad bikes for Honda.

The president of Honda of South Carolina, Brian Newman, said that the plant is unique in that it concentrates entirely on producing Honda ATVs which are made not only for use in the US but also the rest of the world. He went on to send out thanks to all individuals who had helped the plant to reach what he described as a major milestone: the two millionth engine for an Honda ATV.

The Honda TRX range of ATVs is very popular in the UK, where they are classed as agricultural quad bikes, and is particularly appreciated by farmers. They provide agile handling while at the same time offering performance that is powerful and exceptionally economical, making them perfect for use as farm quads around pastoral areas.

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