Ice melting spray

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Ice melting solutions are designed to be applied to surfaces covered with heavy snow and ice, to help disperse them and make roads, pavements and other surfaces safer for vehicles and pedestrians. There are two different types of ice melting solutions: ice melting spray and granules. They serve broadly similar purposes, but are applied differently, using different machines.

Ice melting spray, which is applied by means of a sprayer, is a solution made up of a mix of ice and chemicals for melting snow. These chemicals contain inhibitors, which liquefy ice and snow when they come into contact with them and – if applied correctly – ice melting spray can have an immediate effect.

The ice melting spray specifically works by penetrating the snow and ice before dissolving them and can also act to prevent them building up again in the areas where the spray has been applied. Furthermore, while it is commonly used to help improve access on roads, pavements, driveways and other such areas, during periods of extreme wintry weather, ice melting spray also has a number of other potential uses. As most ice melting spray solutions can be applied to metals, cement, brick, plastic and rubber, as well as concrete, they can be used on locks, hinges and chains to stop them from freezing. This also means that they can be applied to equipment and vehicles, such as cars, bikes or quad bikes of the kind available from us here at KIK Quads.

In addition it is now possible to get environmentally friendly ice melting spray, which offer bio-degradable, non-toxic options for clearing ice and snow. While it is possible to use natural alternatives, including sawdust, sand and wood shavings. However, while these are more environmentally friendly, they do not actually melt ice and snow, but rather cover it thus making them a less effective solution overall.

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