Derbyshire farmers get animals to mind their quads

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on August 19, 2012

It seems that farmers in the area of Derbyshire have had enough of rural crime and are taking matters of security a step further than traditional alarms, tracking devices and chains. Some farmers are choosing to use animals to deter thieves, ranging from traditional dogs to the less common bulls, geese and llamas.

In rural Derbyshire and other regions, farmers have been fighting crime that has risen to as much as £9.2 million in thefts over the Midlands during the past year. This is according to a survey undertaken by the insurance company NFU Mutual.

Derbyshire farmers have found that the most popular targets for thieves are farm quads, tools and fuel. Some farmers now rely on high tech gadgets such as CCTV and tracking devices to protect their quad bikes and other items and are taking extra steps by keeping their quad bikes and fuel in the same pen as a bull or with llamas, which are known to be fairly aggressive. Geese are another deterrent some farmers have turned to, as they can be very noisy if disturbed.

It is thought that some of the thefts are organised by gangs. Chemicals that are used in crop spraying may cost as much as £600 for each ten litres. It is such substances as these that are often stolen to order and then shipped abroad to countries where they are in high demand.

To minimise the chances of theft, it is recommended that farmers should keep quads in securely-locked premises, engage the immobiliser, keep the ignition key elsewhere and keep notes of the vehicle details.

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