Database could prevent quad bike thefts

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on February 12, 2012

A scheme launched in Gloucestershire could help to prevent quad bike thefts. The Ceaser scheme released by the police and the National Farmers Union asks farmers to sign up to the database which records unique details about the farm quads.

Since the introduction of the Ceaser scheme theft of utility ATVs has dropped by around 38%. It is hoped that all farmers in Gloucestershire will eventually sign up. In 20120 around 98 farm quads were stolen throughout the Gloucestershire region. This dropped to just 61 in 2011 following the launch of the scheme. The amount of recorded crimes which involved the theft of quad bikes fell from 92 to just 57 in the following year. A utility ATV is essential for farmers to get around their farms and for hauling food. If they lose their equipment it often means they cannot operate and of course it is hard to maintain the welfare of the animals.

Farm quads are often targeted by thieves due to the remote areas in which the farms lie. One of the problems associated with theft is that the insurance rates increase by around 25% a year. The police in Gloucestershire have been working alongside other police forces to try and stop quad bike theft. The Ceaser database scheme allows for easy identification of the quad bike which deters thieves who then struggle to sell the used ATV to unsuspecting people. If a quad bike is stolen there is a better chance of it being discovered and returned to the rightful owner if they are in the scheme. The scheme is internationally recognised and started in 2007 with great success.

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