ATVs to be used for patrolling beaches in India

Filed under: Quad Bikes News — Diane on August 10, 2012

The beaches of South India will be a safer place for tourists and locals alike as police in the region of Marina Beach will be patrolling using quad bikes thanks to the Chief Minster securing nine ATVs.

Police will utilize the quad bikes to ensure better policing along the shores of the world famous Marina Beach and other regions. Besides being able to help local police prevent crimes in the region, they will also be available to help individuals who are in distress, as the quad bikes will be able to reach them faster than any other vehicle.

Six of the quad bikes will be used along the stretch of Marina Beach and two ATVs will help with policing at Elliots Beach in Nesant Nagar. The final quad bike will be put to good use at Tiruvanmiyur, which attracts both locals and tourists in their droves every year.

Police decided to employ the use of ATVs due to the large number of individuals who congregate on the beaches. They will be used to help tackle crime and prevent anti-social behaviour in the region, along with infiltrations by sea into the state. Other police forces have used ATVs in similar ways.

Along with the quad bikes, the government has sanctioned the use of an All-terrain motorcycle and a jeep at 12 of the police stations belonging to the Coastal Security Group. They are in charge of keeping a watchful eye over the coastline, which spreads out over 1,076km from the district of Tiruvallur to Kanyakumari, and preventing smuggling and infiltration.

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